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🤝🌟 AVAY Team Building with a Purpose: Volunteering at Mid-Ohio Market! 🌟🤝

At AVAY, we believe in giving back to the community and fostering team spirit through meaningful activities. This year, for our annual Team Building activity, our staff chose to volunteer at Mid-Ohio Market for a day, making a positive impact on our local community.

Mid-Ohio Markets offer an innovative approach to free food markets, providing customers with a no-cost grocery store experience. These markets ensure convenient access to fresh, healthy food and essential services, helping those struggling to make ends meet. By volunteering, we had the opportunity to support this incredible mission and make a difference, one Market at a time.

Our team was involved in various activities, from stocking shelves to assisting customers and ensuring everyone had access to the right food at the right place and time. It was a fulfilling experience that strengthened our bonds and underscored our commitment to community service. We're proud to have contributed to making fresh, healthy food more accessible to those in need.

Thank you, Mid-Ohio Market, for the chance to be part of this amazing initiative. We look forward to more opportunities to give back and grow stronger as a team! 🌟💚 #AVAYGivesBack #TeamBuilding #MidOhioMarket #CommunityService

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