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As an R2v3 certified recycling company, we buy all unwanted electronic devices and dispose of them properly—whether that’s reuse or responsible recycling. As we grow, we will continue to develop integrity and trust in the electronics reuse and recycling industry by focusing on ethical environmental stewardship.

Refurbish | Recycle | Resale


We specialize in refurbishing your set top boxes, remote controls, routers, and power supply adaptors. Testing and cleaning over 10 million a year along with our recycling and resale divisions. 


What We



All CATV and ISP electronic equipment, cables and hardware.

What We


We offer a large inventory of new and refurbished cable television and ISP equipment

Products Include:

• Power Supplies Adaptors

• Routers

• Set-tops

• Remote Controls



• Splitters

• Connectors

• Batteries

• Construction Hardware

Our Mission


Reduce the amount of landfill waste through refurbishing, resale, and recycling.

Reduce the energy of recycling through refurbishing and resale.

Become an ambassador for strengthening the lives of our employees and community.


Our Success


Have had great experiences and customer service from Jenna and the staff at AVAY. The Product is clean, as advertised and has all been in functioning condition and has performed well. We look forward to continued business with Jenna and again we appreciate her hard work to provide great service.

– Gary AllenPurchasing Supervisor


Friendly and hard-working people in 20 minutes I was unloaded!

– Miquel MartinezFreight Driver

About Us


Since 2013, Avay has been dedicated to supporting the ever-changing needs of our customers. Over the last decade, I have enjoyed watching our team tackle one new challenge after another. Our latest R2v3 certification will allow us to practice responsible recycling while using my 35 years of CATV electronic repair knowledge to handle all your CPE service needs. I strive for unparalleled excellence and exceptional customer satisfaction. As a team, we are committed to finding the right services and solutions to fit your company’s needs. 

Douglas H Tompkins



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4545 Groves Road

Suite Q

Columbus, Ohio 43232

Please send us an email to discuss your unique needs.

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February 2023

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