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Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

AVAY, LLC is committed to providing a quality product while protecting the environment and ensuring all personnel, both on-site and throughout the recycling chain, are protected from occupational health & safety issues.

AVAY, LLC strives for continual improvement of its products, services, and its Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System. Our QEHSMS Policy demonstrates our commitment to the following:

a) A commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance for employees, contractors, visitors and all employees who handle our material throughout the recycling chain;

b) A commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks;

c) A commitment to investigate any workplace accidents, injuries, and near misses, and promptly correct any unsafe condition or practice;

d) A commitment to consultation and participation of workers and, where they exist, workers' representatives;

e) A commitment to comply with, and where practicable exceed, the requirements of the QEHSMS;

f) A commitment to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, use of sustainable resources and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;

g) A commitment to comply with all relevant EHS compliance obligations, customer and product requirements, industry guidelines, and any other EHS commitments made by the organization;

h) Establishment of EHS objectives and targets that demonstrate our commitment to this policy;

i) Demonstrate(s) senior management's commitment to customer satisfaction.

j) A commitment to work with downstream partners, customers and contractors to fulfill our environmental and health & safety goals; and

k) A willingness to always strive towards continual improvement of our EHSMS to enhance QEHS performance.  


It is the commitment of AVAY, LLC to ensure that all material received is handled in accordance with the hierarchy of responsible management strategies.


This hierarchy follows the Reuse, Materials Recovery, and Energy Recovery or Land Disposal strategy as outlined in Provision 2 of the R2v3.

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