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Modem Testing

At AVAY, we rigorously test every cable modem to guarantee pristine appearance and flawless performance before it reaches your customers' homes.

Our advanced testing software and hardware evaluate all functionalities of the cable modem, including Wi-Fi and EMTA parameters such as signal levels, signal-to-noise ratio, device throughput, and packet loss.

Properly Recycling

  • Firmware Preloading: Installing the customer’s desired firmware version (SIP or MGCP).

  • Frequency Setting: Configuring the desired DS start frequency.


Visual Inspection

Identifying and addressing any cosmetic defects.

Label and Sticker Removal

Ensuring a clean, professional appearance.

Cover Replacement

Replacing any damaged covers for optimal presentation.

Functional Testing

Verifying full operational capabilities.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Verifying full operational capabilities.

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